Cowin Path Labs dedicated staff has diligently provided quality laboratory services to the people. These efforts have earned CPL a distinguished reputation of excellence, integrity and leadership. CPL committed to provide accurate diagnostic tests' results and exceptional support services.


Commit to Service Excellence - Willingly to serve all those with whom we deal; with unsurpassed excellence.

Treat each other with Respect & Honesty - To grow a workplace where trust, team spirit, and equity are an integral part of everything we do.

Demonstrate Responsibility & Accountability - To set an example, to take ownership of each situation to the best of our ability, and to seek help when needed.

Be Enthusiastic about Continuous Improvement - To never be complacent, to recognize limitations and opportunities for ourselves and processes; and to learn through these.

Maintain Confidentiality - To keep all information pertaining to patients, as well as professional and commercial issues, in strict confidence.


Our mission is to be the regional leader in the efficient delivery of high-quality, cost-effective medical laboratory services and to continually improve our services to meet people's health needs. How we accomplish our mission is as important as the mission itself. This is facilitated by the following philosophies:

Employees - Our employees are the source of our strength. They provide our Company intelligence and determine our reputation and vitality. Involvement and teamwork are our core human values.

Services - Our services are the end result of our efforts, and they should be the best available in the industry. As our services are viewed, so are we viewed.

Profits - Profits are the ultimate measure of how efficiently we provide services for the health needs. Profits are required to survive and grow.


Integrity is never compromised.
The conduct of CPL must be pursued in a way that CPL is socially responsible and commands respect for its integrity and for its positive contribution to society.
Our doors are open to men and women alike without discrimination and without regard to origin or personal beliefs.