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  • Group Fitness

    Group Fitness

    Maintaining good health at work is very important. Even if you are too busy or too tired to work out you should take out some time to create an environment where fitness and health thrives. This increases productivity and improves performance at the workplace.

    No time to work out at home?

    This is the reason why many organizations have built fitness opportunities in the workplace to help the employees stay in shape. The availability of facilities to exercise alone is not enough to inspire employees to exercise daily. Thus, working out in a motivational pack is preferred in most fitness centers.

    People are flocking out to group fitness programs that offer memorable, positive, and purposeful ways to change you both physically and mentally. Let's take a look at the top 5 benefits of working out in group fitness programs.

    Expert Guidance

    Group fitness programs provide expert guidance from certified instructors. The trainer delivers enjoyable movement sessions that keep you committed to your health journey. There is no scope for guesswork in structuring the exercises suitable for you.


    When you're surrounded by inspiring and dedicated people it becomes easier to work together. The encouraging instructor will enjoy providing support so that you can push yourself harder every day. Thus group fitness regimen is a great way to provide employee benefits.

    Proper Form and Structure

    The fitness benefits of this form of exercise include the correct form and structure of a workout plan. Every class has a flow of activities like warm-up exercises, balanced body workout, and relaxation moves. The instructor coaches you through each of these segments with proper form and technique. This is the most important requisite for your muscle toning and eliminates injuries.


    There is fixed timing for such classes. Thus, you become more accountable to plan your day around your group fitness regime. Choose your convenient workout slot and register now.

    Fun and Fitness Goes Hand in Hand

    The fun factor while exercising in a group is unimaginable. Working with peers can be a great and memorable experience. This will help you stick to the routine and reap more fitness benefits from the regime.

    Providing employee health check facilities at work can be a great way to achieve corporate goals. Fill in the inquiry form below to know more about corporate health check packages that we offer.

  • Zumba Workout

    Zumba Workout

    In every office workspace, let it be a large or a smaller enterprise, there are a lot of health issues associated with the lifestyle. Long working hours, irregular diets, stress, and pressure of deadlines can make anyone stressed. There are many ways to blow off the steam and reduce stress at the workspace. Organizations like COWIN Health Plus help enterprises to create a special positive and a stress-free environment where employees, as well as management, can indulge themselves in different physical exercises.

    Zumba is a dance form, which is considered one of the best stress busters for employees as well as a perfect workout regime. Those who are not comfortable with the machines in the gym will find Zumba a fun way to reduce stress and also shed some extra pounds. Zumba helps in toning overall body structure and reduces the pressure on joints as well. Overall, this is the perfect way to get your workforce in shape.

    The sessions that are offered include Zumba sessions depending on the time available to the employees. Either you can choose to send the employees to our establishment or hire our instructors to visit your workplace and provide Zumba sessions at the time of your choice. These sessions are conducted under the supervision of Zumba experts who are well versed in the dance regime.

    There are people with some health issues who are not allowed to dance or who cannot consider dance as a workout. For those employees, we can arrange other easy and convenient options like Yoga. The main aim of such sessions is to reduce stress and increase the mobility of the body so that the overall health benefits can be achieved. In the longer run, such sessions help in increasing the productivity and make the office environment a happy place to work at.

    If you plan to arrange Zumba sessions along with corporate wellness program for your employees, do Contact Us to discuss it ahead.

  • Yoga Sessions

    Yoga Sessions

    In the modern lifestyle, workplace stress comes as a package deal. Though most of us enjoy our jobs, the associated health issues often make our lives miserable. Long working hours, the pressure of higher productivity, and uncertainty of the competitive world is making the life stressful and miserable with each passing day.

    The nervous system of the body reacts to the demands of our lifestyle, which results in stress. In the past, when the civilization was not advanced, such reaction of the nervous system was important to manage the dangerous situations. The adrenaline rush served us well that time but now in the office environment, the rush causes serious pressure and stress as there is no way to neutralize this effect. The saturated biochemical levels often pose threat to the overall health of the workforce.

    In such situations, the first question that comes to our mind is what can be done to neutralize these stress levels at the workplace. Provide yoga for executive is one of the best ways that can help in reducing workplace stress.

    Benefits of Yoga-

    • Yoga helps in reducing back pain, neck and shoulder pain, which are some of the common workplace problems faced by most of us.
    • Yoga helps to reduce aggression and hostility.
    • Practicing yoga regularly creates positivity
    • Yoga is an overall health booster and hence aids in significantly reducing the absenteeism.

    COWIN Health Plus that provides yoga sessions in corporate wellness program based on the requirements of the company. These sessions can be done on the daily basis, during the break time, or after the office hours. These yoga sessions not only help in reducing the stress levels but also help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you have any questions about yoga sessions provided by us, please Contact Us to know more.

  • Stress Management

    Stress Management

    With the increasing levels of anxiety, stress, and burden of shrinking deadlines, corporate wellness programs along which includes stress management workshops play a pivotal role for leaders, managers and staff members.

    The specialist teachers guide the employees’ different techniques to reduce the work stress in order to improve the health and wellbeing. The management work is full of stress and anxiety which if left untreated can add up to a lot of restlessness and other health issues. It is an important part of the program to bring the entire team under one roof so that they can work collaboratively as a happy and productive family. If it is not possible for your company to send in the team to us, we have specially designed programs to fulfill the requirements on your campus as well.

    The stress at the corporate environment can bring the employees down at some point in the day. These training programs can help the team in tackling the situations calmly and increase the productivity by several folds. Even a small session can bring a positive change in the employees’ mind-set.

    It does not matter what is your position in the company, if you are a corporate executive, a sales representative; stress will find its way to create havoc in your life. Thus, it is important to control it, in the initial phase itself, to relieve the anxiety and feel better about the future.

    The Benefits of the Stress Management Workshops-

    • The session brings positivity amongst the employees
    • Boosts the confidence creating awareness about their strengths
    • Helps to improve concentration which further increases productivity
    • Enhanced ability to think clearly
    • Improves mental and physical health


    If you wish to know more about stress management programs, please Contact Us. 

  • Health & Wellness

    Health & Wellness

    The stress level in today’s corporate world is causing many health troubles amongst the employees. In the past few years, the deadlines have shrunk to a point where there is no room for personal time in the employee’s life. This overwhelming situation is one of the major causes of non-communicable diseases like obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

    For any company, factory or an establishment of any size, it is important to have a health care plan for their employees like corporate health check & employee wellness programs. Companies like COWIN Health Plus offer special Health and Wellness Talks, which enable the employees to get back on the track on a healthy lifestyle. These talks or sessions are available for companies, educational institutes, non-profit organizations and other institutes as well.

    The main goal of these sessions is to educate, motivate, empower and enlighten the employees as well as the management of the companies about the health challenges they could face in their daily lives.

    The Health and Wellness talks include sessions about the consciousness of the employees’ overall health and physical fitness, which equates to lesser absenteeism and better productivity. It helps in reducing stress and allows the employees to become more creative with the work.

    Every day we make 100s of different choices, which impact our daily life and even the future. A small mistake or wrong step taken towards an unhealthy lifestyle can have catastrophic results in the longer run. It is essential for the employees to understand that they have to find some time for themselves so that they can live a longer and healthier life. With the reduced stress, the employees and the management can produce better results even in the shorter span of time.

    Write to us if you wish to arrange special talk sessions for your team, our executive will get back to you at the earliest.

  • Diet & Nutrition

    Diet & Nutrition

    Executive wellness programs which include the diet and nutrition counseling programs help companies to improve the health of the employees so that they can lead a happier life and form a more productive team at the office. The focus of these programs remains exclusively on the health of the employees, which enhance the lifestyle and provide them the feeling of wellbeing. It also strengthens the bond between the employer and the employees.

    The Workshops

    The companies like COWIN Health Plus help in organizing special diet and nutrition-based workshops for the small as well as large enterprises, which are dedicated to offer better health to their employees. These workshops concentrate on the individual diet requirements based on the work they do as a team. The experts in these workshops not only provide information about the better diet and nutrition but also help in sustaining that plan in the longer run.

    Diet and Stress Management

    In today’s time, stress has become an unavoidable part of the corporate life. This unwanted stress because of the work pressure and stringent deadlines often create many additional health problems. Certain diets can also help in reducing the stress level.

    Diet and Weight Management

    Obesity is another serious problem among many employees which is due to unhealthy eating habits like irregular diet and junk food during the work hours. In addition to this, prolonged sitting at your workspace is one of the major reasons for obesity in the employees in almost every sector. The specially designed weight management workshops are often helpful in reducing the chances of diseases associated with obesity.

    Timely intervention and expert guidance would help to increase productivity and keep the workforce fit. Contact Us to avail a customized service for your organization.

  • Workout & Aerobics

    Workout & Aerobics

    The competitive corporate job is forcing the employees to work beyond the manageable hours, which are causing stress, anxiety, and a number of diseases directly or indirectly. Out of 34.4% deaths that occur due to non-communicable diseases in India, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases alone cause around 80% deaths. With such stats, the companies in India have already realized that in the longer run, the unhealthy workforce is going to create many problems for the company’s performance.

    In order to make sure that the employees are healthy and the productivity is at its best, corporates around the world have been encouraging their employees to join different health programs. They also offer regular health check for executives via trusted healthcare companies to identify any health problem before it reaches an advanced stage.


    Under this program, the employees get an exclusive access to a large number of fitness centers around the world. There is no time restriction as well. You can choose the time for the gym and clubs as per your schedule. These fitness centers not only provide the discounted access to the gym but also to the spa and other wellness areas.

    Benefits of Live Workout

    • The employees get access to gyms etc. around the world
    • Better health means better productivity
    • Such facilities increase the trust factor for the companies
    • Management of stress levels in the work environment
    • Decreased absenteeism
    • Reduced expenses on healthcare
    • Increase in morale and self-esteem of the employees


    In today’s world, it is imperative to have a workforce that dedicatedly works for the company’s benefits. It is only possible if the company provides good healthcare for the employees. The healthcare should not be limited to the Workforce  corporatechecks but should also include physical fitness regimens for the employees. Live workout provides the employees a break amidst the stressful work schedule and helps the employees’ mind to be refreshed to work better.


    The aerobics sessions can be organized as per the requirement of the company based on the number of employees, available hours and other factors.

    The benefits of aerobics sessions are more than you expect. These sessions not only act as stress busters but also help to increase flexibility, improve postures and reduce toxins in the body. These sessions assist the employees to get rid of the stress and relax with the help of the exercise. The more they indulge themselves in these sessions, the better productivity can be expected in coming future.


    The aerobics sessions can be arranged daily, once in two days or on weekends as per the company’s requirement. These sessions can be arranged on and off the campus depending on the strength of the employees and available space.


    For live workout & aerobics options for your employees, please Contact Us for complete solution.

Popular Health Check Packages


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  • Report Availability Daily
  • Test Parameter(s) 4